Exhibits of Bali Bird Park

Exhibits of Bali Bird Park

Bali has a great collection of many wonderful sights one can visit, from its lush forests to free flowing waterfalls, it is home to the humble abode of many exotic species of flora and fauna. One such gem is the exhibits of Bali Bird Park determined to conserve, protect and breed the exotic species that are a part of the vast wilderness of Bali. Soar high in spirit with Bali Bird Park Exhibit as they elevate your senses with many lively and playful creatures of more than a 100 species from all over the world. If you are an avid bird watcher, photographer, nature blogger, travel vlogger, or just interested in learning about the extraordinary colorful creatures of nature, exhibits of Bali Bird park is the place to be. The Bali bird park is one of a kind sanctuary in the world that is completely dedicated to encourage growth for birds and also opens the way for its guests to take part in knowing the exciting world of the creatures for a great experience.

South America Exhibit

Hyacinth Macaw, one of the amazing birds in the exhibits of Bali bird park, is often regarded as the largest parrot in the world. The Macaw measures around 3.5 ft long with a beautiful regal blue color and has a very strong beak that can crack nuts and any hard food.Blue & Gold Macaw features vibrant blue and orange color and is a glory of the rainforest that can live for approx. 50 years while in a controlled environment and is a great bird that likes to be in the vicinity of humans. Apart from these outstanding creatures, the South America exhibit has some other fascinating creatures such as the Scarlet Ibis, Swainson’s Toucan, Purple Swamphen, Glossy Ibis, Green Winged Macaw, Buffon Macaw, Love Bird, Orange winged Amazon, Hans Macaw, Red-Fronted Macaw for one to interact and observe.

South Africa Exhibit

African Gray Parrot is known for their learning and speaking qualities that make them talk, just like humans. Showing off its monochromatic coloring and a bright personality, the African Grey Parrot is a vivacious bird.Pink Flamingos, a favorite of every nature aficionado are one of the most celebrated heroes of the show at the exhibit in Bali Bird Park. These beautiful birds can be found relaxing near the pools hunting for small bugs and fish. The Purple Glossy Starling birds will mesmerize you with their beautiful blue colored wings and plumage. The African Crowned Crane will surely astonish you with their dance moves. They have a spiky mohawk on their head and the rest of their body is covered in a beautiful blend of white and black colors feathers.

Sumatra Exhibit

Eagle Owl mostly recognised by its sideways ears that make it look unlike any other bird has the adapting ability to fit in many different regions of the forest. The Eagle Owl is one of the largest owl species and is just fascinating to look at in the exhibits of Bali Bird Park. White Crested Hornbill is a species sporting a fluffy white head which loves to thrive in humid environment likes to be high up in the trees as it is their most likely hangout spot. Along with these, Bali Bird Park exhibit have Crimson Wing Parakeet, Lesser Coucal, Black Indian Hawk Eagle, Senegal parrot, White Crested Hornbill, Bar-pouched Wreathed Hornbill.

Borneo Exhibit

Bulwer's Wattled Pheasant, a native to the parts of Southeast Asia is a unique bird that has a long blue face and beak along with a prominent black body. The Males in this species flaunt a white tail which can be fluffed out when they try to attract the attention of a potential mate during its mating ritual. The region is also a place for Nicobar Pigeon, Great Argus Pheasant, Javan great Rhinoceros Hornbill, Flying Fox/Fruit Bat, Crested Serpent Eagle.

Papua Exhibit

Golden-necked Cassowary spends its entire life on the ground and to see them in front of us in their natural habitat in the exhibits of Bali Bird Park is majestic . As astonishing as it may sound, Golden-necked Cassowary is the largest bird on the planet. Some of the other noticeable species in this section are Golden Pheasant, Rainbow Lorikeet, Chattering Lory, African Crowned Crane, Yellow Iory, Ornate Ivory, Red bird of Paradise and Western Crowned Pigeon.

Java Exhibit

Magpie Robin is an adorable singing bird of the forest with black and white feathers that have hints of blues and greens when the feathers shine in the sunlight. Another bird that can be easily kept as a pet is the Java Sparrow whose beautiful tweets make the ambience light and melodious. The Java sparrow bird has a pretty gray and white feather pattern that makes it very attractive and distinguished to observe. More of such mellifluous birds in the area are Purple-backed Starling, Asian Fairy-Bluebird, Asian Pied Starling, Southern-pied Hornbill, Sunda Scops Owl, Fire-tufted Barbet, Mustached parakeet, Banded Pita and a few more.

Bali Exhibit

Bali Starling is a native to Bali itself. This Bali beauty is a small white bird regarded to be an endangered species. The Bali Bird Park is going through popular regeneration for the breed at the bird park which is a great endeavor to make them a thriving species once again. Peaceful/Zebra Dove has stripe patterns like a zebra, thus got the name for its species. This bird has a bold and colorful outer appearance with a peaceful soul. You can view the bird wandering around in the forest. There are many other wonderful species to explore in the exhibits of Bali Bird Park like the Australian Pelican, New Guinea Bronzewing, Black-naped Oriole, Pied Imperial Pigeon, Ringneck White Dove, Cattle Egret, Black-naped Fruit Dove, Orange-breasted Green Pigeon, Light Green Pigeon, Spotted Dove, Common Myna, Glossy Ibis and more in the jungle.

Owl House

Owls are just too fascinating to miss in any bird park. They have an opposite sleep rhythm than the normal birds which makes them a nocturnal and mystical creature. The structure where they can be explored is known as the Toraja House designed to give them atmosphere for their nocturnal pattern. Make sure to be quiet when you enter their premises to observe their environment.

Shows at the Bali Bird Park

The Bali Bird Park is working to preserve the species by creating awareness about them, their habitat, their habits, their reproductive conditions and more by shows that share information about the birds and the creatures in the region.

Bali Rainforest

One of the popular Bali bird park exhibit, the Bali Rainforest shows the local birds flying around in the sky. The Bali Rainforest Free Flight Bird Show happens daily at 10:30am and 4pm. It is free for the travelers and guests in the rainforest to watch storks, macaws, and other birds in their natural habitat.

Basic Instinct

The timing of the Basic Instinct show which features the Birds of Prey Show is at 11:30am and 3pm daily. It is a free flight show where one can watch the eagles,owls, hawks, falcons, and kites fly around the park looking for prey.

Pelican Feeding

Pelican Feeding is an interactive Bali bird park exhibit show where one can feed the pelicans with their own hand to have an amazing time at the park. During 10am to 1:15pm daily which is the feeding time, you will get to give these friendly creatures fish to eat from the park, therefore don’t bring anything from outside to feed any bird in the park.

Lory Feeding

Join the fun to meet the friendly multi-colored Lory birds with a bowl of nectar that you can hold in your hand and let them eat out of your hands. It's quite exciting as one can wander into the rainforest while interacting with plenty of amazing birds. They will even land on you as you feed them or walk past some of them. The feeding times are at 9:45am and 12:45pm daily.

Guyu Guyu Corner

This area is a dream come true for the photographers and vloggers. The tropical bird enclosure gives you the opportunity for an up-close look encounter with the parrots and cockatoos. These fun-loving birds will perch and give you a warm greeting so make sure to come during the correct show timing which is at 9am and 5:30pm daily.

4D Theater

Enter the Bali Bird Park theatre for an amazing 4D movie which gives you information about the birds of the wild and forest culture. The theatre movies are held in the indoor theatre and are sure to be educational. The show times happen multiple times per day so it is easy to come at one’s own leisure.

Komodo Experience

Along with birds the park has a marvelous culture of having some extraordinary creatures such as the Komodo Dragons for show. Have a walk at the enclosure during meal time to watch their keeper feed the scaly dinosaur cousins. The Komodo Experience of Bali bird park exhibit show timings are at 11am on Tuesday and 2:30pm on Friday.

Bali Bird Park Exhibit FAQs

What is the best way to reach Bali Bird Park?

The park is on the road to Ubud near Batubulan. It takes an hour drive away from Nusa Dua and 30-45 minutes to drive from Jimbaran, Kuta, and Sanur.

How many species of birds are present in the Bali Bird Park?

Along with 250 exotic bird species Bali Bird Park exhibit acquaint you with over 2000 tropical plants and 1000 birds

What to carry before going to Bali Bird Park?

Along with your identity proof and the booking voucher, there is no such specific list of things which you must carry to the Bali bird park. Along with this don't forget to keep a camera, as this place has amazing frames for good pictures with the feathered family.

Can visitors do a photo session with birds?

Yes, you can take photos with the beautiful birds at the zoo.

Why is Bali Bird Park so famous?

There are over 2000 tropical plants, 1000 birds, and 250 exotic bird varieties to explore in the Bali Bird Park. There are many shows that get you to interact with these majestic creatures.


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